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Cyber Security: Types Cyberattacks to Know

No doubt, technology has had contributed to significant positive changes in the corporate world. Today, almost every organization or business has an IT system to boost performance. The biggest challenge associated with the IT system in your business is cyberattacks. Research shows that by 2023, organizations would have lost 33 billion records through cyberattacks. Therefore, if you want to keep all your records and money safe, you should focus on cyber attack prevention. Understanding the different types of cyberattacks is one way of cyber attack prevention. Once you learn about the cyberattacks and prevention measures, the chances of them happening to your organization will be minimal. Thea article herein will discuss different forms of cyberattacks and effective cyber attack prevention methods for each.

Phishing is the first type of cyberattack that you should be aware of. In phishing, hackers focus on stealing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, login credentials, and bank account numbers from organizations. Hackers access to data by posing as trusted individuals or organizations. You will receive a text message, link, or email where you will be required to enter your information. You are likely to receive the message or email when expecting to send the data to someone; hence you will not think twice before sending it to the hacker. The recommended cyber attack prevention method for phishing is ensuring that you are sending data to the correct individuals.

Next on the list of cyberattacks is Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), which involves someone eavesdropping or putting themselves on a two-person transaction or conversation. For instance, when messaging someone, a hacker can join the conversation by joining your Wi-Fi or visiting your device using an open network. Also, you should be aware of malware as a cyberattack threat. A malware is a software that can affect your computer. Usually, malware enters into devices when the users click on popups. Clicking on download means inviting a virus or ransomware in your computer. An affective cyber attack prevention method that you should consider for malware is ignoring popups that you find suspicious.

Password attacks are among the simplest form of cyberattacks that can happen to anyone. Since it is an easier form of cyberattack, it is advisable that you follow password requirements for your organization when creating a password. Creating a strong password requires one to include different characters, capitalization, numbers, and special characters. Also, you should learn about denial of service as a form of cyberattack. In a situation where a website is overcrowded, you are less likely to get what you need. Hackers use this opportunity to overload the servers of the website and change the information displayed.

Finally, you should be aware of Botnet. Botnet is a complex form of a cyberattack that happens when automated users or devices join together to collectively accomplish an attack. An effective cyber attack prevention technique for Botnet is establishing a strong security wall.